Concepts must be omnipresent

The 'conceptogram' is a way of synthesising a concept into one image or GIF. OP developed the special kind of diagram in order to explain the main idea, dilemma or issue investigated for a certain building or project. We believe that every design process must be concept-driven and that the concept must be clear. Or as Eero Saarinen put it : "Once one embarks on a concept for a building, this concept has to be exaggerated and overstated and repeated in every part, so that everywhere you are, inside or outside the building sings with the same message". (1953)


What to do with the generic housing block ...?

What are we gonna do about the system-built post-war architecture that nobody likes? In order to create hierarchy instead of uniformity we cut up the generic housing block to create 2 monuments for the specific place: The gate and The landmark.


Size and proportions are important. Loyalty to the original is even more important

In 2010 we performed several alterations on a series of private villas. In order to explain the concept we also alterated Goya's 'Naked Maja'.

A successful enlargement or addition should be in the same material and within the same formal language as the original.

Sometimes a building becomes more beautiful if the size is increased - but most of the time extending one part of a building shifts the balance - the new part makes the existing look worn, or the added part ruins the proportions of original building.

Happy shape

The conceptogram for 'Good Circles', our psychiatric hospital in Gødstrup that has a circular organization.


Naked in Nature

It's fundamental. There's a longing in Man to feel a part of nature. Using natural materials, wood, stone, steel, leather, hamp and clay can help us reconnect.

The design for a wooden tennis hall (The Log 2009), was an exploration of the full potential of wood as a building material. We. wrote: "Besides being sustainable wood has a great aesthetic and tactile quality. It’s soft and warm and it’s nice to touch".

The Log Lady from Twin Peaks said it very well: "Let Nature guide us. Nature is the great teacher!".


Cars n Leisure n Nature

The past forty years, everybody has been busy turning their backs on the ideal of the 50s nuclear family. OP believes that the family formation still has something to offer.

One of our early projects from 2001 is about rediscovering and reinventing the suburban landscape, in order to turn something, which is considered hideous and unpopular, into something positive and even beautiful.

The grey suburbs seem to lack specific-ness. As a consequence we organized three new city parts around the core features and main attractions of suburbia: cars, leisure and nature.