High-Rise in Wood


Let's get high

  • LocationAarhus, DK
  • ProgramHotel
  • ClientConfidential
  • Size7.700 sqm
  • Year2020
  • CollaboratorsCOWI, MOE, Teknologisk Institut

This proposal for a high-rise hotel near a busy tram station is shaped by the geometry of the site and the sun orientation respectively. High-rise buildings with wooden structures are very often costly due to fire measures, but since a multistory hotel requires full sprinkling anyway, it makes sense to support the ambitious Denmark's ambitious climate goals to reduce CO2 by building with climate-friendly wooden constructions that actually store CO2. The interior is dominated by wood and the façade is clad in golden durable panels with wood-lined balcony holes. The lobby and roof terraces will serve as green urban living rooms, while a kinetic facade towards the street constantly changes. Making the tallest and only straight facade of the building the least static and the most dynamic.


Point de Vue

The high-rise is a landmark and will as such mark the new adjacent tram station. It will also mark the transition between the historic and the contemporary city.


Wood is Good

A report from The Building Research Institute of Norway from 2017 concludes that wooden constructions have a climate impact that is approximately half the size of a traditional concrete construction.