DIY chandelier

  • Size1-30 bulbs
  • Year2010-2019
  • ColorsBlack, white and yellow

"When it comes to lighting, chandeliers can add elegance and class to any space. They’re not just for formal sitting or dining rooms anymore. Installing a chandelier in your home is an easy, inexpensive way to bring a feeling of elegance and sophistication into your living area." It is so cheap that every body can buy one. Even if you only have a little money, just start with the basic; a two, three or four light cluster socket, and the you can build on from there. Ad on new parts when you get more money, or when you need more light.


No designer is needed

The DIY chandelier is al made out of standard lamp parts, that you can easily get hold of. Use the four light cluster socket with pull chain switch, or the two or three cluster socket, and build on from there. More light bulbs are added in pairs to keep the chandeliers in balance. 4 bulps, 6 bulps, 8 bulps, 10 bulps, 12 bulps... No designer is needed.