PQ and PR Course

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Learning is a Change in Behaviour

  • ContentPublic Sector Prequalification and PR course
  • LengthOne day
  • LocationHeimdalsgade 35, baghuset third floor
  • CollaboratorsThe Danish Association of Architects, Lambrecht
  • Price5.000 dkkr. ex. vat per person
  • LanguageDanish or English
  • Number of participantsMax. 6 (due to Covid-19)
  • Sign uphello@open-platform.dk

Architects and Engineers tend to use technical jargon no matter who they address. If what you are sharing makes sense to you, but others - the client, the user, the collaborator - find it strange, say it differently. What do terms like "space" and "micro mobility" mean? Also, a significant word like “sustainability” becomes meaningless when used over and over without relating to people and needs. This applies to both the company profile and the acquisition material as well as to the general promotion of a firm. This course teaches you to up your communications game by being aware of who you're talking to and by finding the significant loopholes in the limited platforms and procurement document of today.

Course instructor Jennifer is a skilled educator with more than ten years experience in teaching architects, engineers and contractors. Here in a workshop at The Association of Danish Landscape Architects in October 2020.

Photo: Nina Trock Jansen