Maritime Center Frederikssund


Seas the day!

  • LocationFrederikssund, DK
  • ProgramMaritime Center
  • ClientMunicipality of Frederikssund
  • Size4.200 sqm
  • Year2023
  • CollaboratorsThing Brandt, Artelia, Klaus Nielsen A/S, JDS

Frederikssund's new Maritime Center creates synergy between the yacht habour and the city. Today, the habour area is disconneted from it's surroundings and overcrowded by parked boats in the winter. By winterizing the boats on water, we free space for a new center for indoor and outdoor activities and create a visual connection, which brings the city closer to the horizon. The center becomes the driver for a transformation from a closed and member-oriented association environment to a vivid, open and inviting place that gathers all the citizens of Frederikssund.


For easy launching, we bring the boat storage buildings as close to the water as possible. In the areas on lower ground, the facilities are flood resilient with permeable facades, water tolerant materials and self-closing barriers.