Dalby School


Turn up the Volume

  • LocationKolding, dk
  • ProgramPublic school
  • ClientMunicipality of Kolding
  • Size3.750 m²
  • YearCompletion 2020
  • CollaboratorsOBH-Gruppen A/S, Thing Brandt Aps, NOVA5 A/S
  • ContractorJakobsen & Blindkilde A/S

Dalby school has had growing pains for years and has been expanded several times. When we won the competition to expand the school once more. We decided to work with the architecture and colours, that were already there. Instead of trying to reinvent the school and add to the patchwork, we basically just turned up the volume by repeating and emphasizing the cool elements of the existing buildings. We even reintroduced an element of the past, the aula, a generous space and the absolute center of the campus.


All new buildings are extentions to the existing buildings. Each add-on is made in the same material and in the same colour as the one to which it is attached. A red brick school building for the smaller kids, a yellow brick building for the bigger kids, and a grey aluminum extention for the sports hall.

The interiors are executed within the same monocrome-colour-concept. But the the aula floor in the new two story main building is an exeption. It´s treated as an abstract interpretation of the landscape that surrounds the school. A picture taken from above has been pixelated and turned into a linoleum pattern. The yellow square that resembles the new main school building, is a podium that can be used for making speaches.