Gødstrup Psychiatric Hospital


From vicious Circles to virtuous Circles

  • LocationGødstrup, Herning
  • ProgramPsychiatric Cluster
  • ClientRegion Midtjylland
  • Size15.000 m²
  • StatusThree phase competition 2nd prize
  • CollaboratorsMOE, Arkitema

Nature, art and architecture play a mayor role in the healing process of the mentally ill.
Together with doctors, politicians, nurses and everybody involved in the making of the new DNV-Gødstrup Psychiatric Hospital, we must mobilize architecture in a cooperative effort to create a positive environment. An environment manifesting that a strong society cares for its weakest members.
By making an architectural effort we show the individuals, who often feel excluded, that we really care.


Conflicting demands have to be met in order to create a successful psychiatric institution. Basically this kind of hospital should feel more like a resort: spacious and at the same time intimate, rational and durable as well as cozy and tactile. Efficiency and comfort must go hand in hand.Together the human scale, the soft curves and the accessible environment create a healing and stress-free environment. Even though the rounded shapes formally separate the new psychiatric facility from the existing somatic hospital the two will be tightly connected.


The general layout creates a perfect flow for the staff and provides pleasant conditions for the patients, in ways that rethink and reconfigure the traditional hospital. One major improvement is that every single patient bedroom has an uninterrupted view to the surrounding park. Furthermore, fencing is no longer needed because the building structure integrates the gardens. Finally, there are no dead ends or long corridors thanks to the circular organization and the continuous flow. ‘Good Circles’ is all about breaking the vicious circles and turning them into virtuous circles.


A strong society takes care of its weakest members