Naturens Parti


Let Nature Rule

  • LocationMother Earth
  • ClientBernadotteskolen
  • Year2019
  • CollaboratorsDanmarks Naturfredningsforening

Naturens Parti [The Nature Party] is an experiment that stretches across the fields of architecture, politics and art. We ask our selves what society would look like, if we turn Nature into the world's political center of gravity. By treating Nature as an entity with legal rights and interests, we aspire to create awareness about the possibilities for taking a positive approach to creating a new balance between Nature and Man. It is critical that Man takes responsibility for protecting the planet and takes action to prevent human extinction.

Humans and nature are one!

Humans are born of Nature. Humans are not above Nature. That’s why Nature’s interests are our interests as well.

Humans are creatures of possibilities. This is what separates us from other species. However, the value of other species goes beyond their use for humans. That is why humans need to take a far more humble position on earth.

We need to recognize Nature’s rights to existence and put an end to the exhaustion and exploitation of Earth to ensure the survival of humans.

We need to come up with new solutions for individuals and production systems together in order to take care of Nature and Earth’s resources in a long term sustainable way.

We want to design a new universal welfare model where economy, society and community all work towards freedom and equal rights for all entities.

We are on natures side.

Natures Party Manifesto:


Bernadotte, a Copenhagen school, wanted to do a workshop on the 17 UN climate goals. OP offered to participate with a project that both zooms in and out. It’s okay to be scared of the climate challenges and to be angry with the grown-ups, who seem to do nothing. BUT instead of just protesting and pointing fingers, we propose that the students act.

First of all they set the agenda by making their own political party (work title: Naturens Parti).
Furthermore, they create specific visions or products as a vision for the party, that originate or rise from the 17 climate goals.