Parking house in wood


Wood is the new Concrete

  • LocationAarhus, dk
  • ProgramParking house and public functions
  • ClientMunicipality of Aarhus
  • Size17.500 m² parking, 2.000 m² public functions
  • YearCompletion 2023
  • CollaboratorsJAJA, Rama Studio, Søren Jensen Engineering

Our winning proposal for a new parking house with public functions could become Denmark’s largest wooden construction and will as such contribute to reaching Denmark’s goal to become climate neutral in 2050. The new parking house will play an active role in breathing new life into Sydhavnskvarteret - the South Port area - of Aarhus, which is undergoing a transformation from unused industrial zone to a vibrant urban area. The structure of the parking house consists of CLT, cross laminated timber, and LVL, laminated veneer lumber, which have a significantly higher strength than regular glulam. Besides providing parking for the area, the complex will be a hub for activity, creativity and socializing and will connect to the existing infrastructure as well as to the Aarhus highline Kulkransporet. The project contains 2,000 m² of public functions such as workshops, gym, gallery and a café.


50% parking 50% nature

By splitting the building site into two equal parts and by concentrating the building on one half, we are able to turn the other half into a green park. The compact parking facility on the north-eastern half of the site acts as a shelter for the green oasis with small pavilions, where social and cultural activities can unfold. The green park continue onto the parking house façade where they transform into a vertical garden of green espaliers, stairs and active balconies. The construction is made of wood, which stores carbon. Together with the planting of a new urban forest, the parking house will help Aarhus in reaching a life-long CO2-balance.


The park continues onto the parking house facade as a vertical garden of green espaliers and active balconies

Park and car park each get an equal share of a land